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Top 7 Mistakes on Tax Returns

Errors in tax return require unnecessary money from people. You can skip a higher return than the required one, eliminating value added tax – beyond interest and penalties – or, worse, inviting IRS audits. The best defense against these bad results is a good offense-that is to avoid mistakes on the return.

The most common errors in tax returns

Here are the common mistakes made by taxpayers:

  1. Expand the bases.

Make sure you have chosen the correct deposit status for your situation. For example, if you are not married, you can apply yourself as a bachelor. But you can benefit from more favorable tax rates and other items, if you qualify as head of the family, or widower with dependent son.

And under the right circumstances, couples can pay less than the total of taxes if they are stored separately, not together. Claims all employees (for example, the parent who lives in a nursing home if they meet the requirements, depending). Make sure your name and the name of your employees have been typed correctly and that the social security numbers are correct.

  1. Do not make a profit, as reported by them (and the IRS).

Wages, dividends, bank interests, income from the sale of goods and other proceeds received (and which were specified in the tax return of information, such as W-2, 1099, K-1, etc.) If you do not agree with the fact that it was reported to you, contact the paying company (for example, your employer), and ask them to correct (see paragraph 10 of the things you need to know about 1099).

  1. Enter the items on the wrong line.

Be careful that your records are displayed where they feel. For example, do not put your free tipping IRA on the line for IRI distributions.

  1. They automatically require a standard deduction.

Although billing requires greater effort – and receipts and other evidence – rather than relying on standard deduction, you can get out of the money by automatically taking the standard deduction. Check which alternative gives you the greatest radiation.

  1. Do not take the radiation you are entitled to.

Some fear that some tax return will be a red check flag and suspect. For example, they still believe that the obligation to deduct a home can cause a tax audit, but it is probably not true, as the IRS has created a simplified alternative deduction for the cancellation of actual costs. See more.

  1. Do not check input errors?

It is easy to translate numbers or decrease the number, which can distort the information you provide. For example, you and your spouse paid $ 7,200 for your IRA but accidentally registered US $ 2,700 in deduction on the statement of deducting the US $ 4,500 deduction (it costs $ 1,125 more if you are in 25 % of tax rate.

  1. Incorrectly represent bad numbers.

If you need to enter an element as a negative number, do this with parentheses; do not use the less sign. This ensures that IRS computers correctly read the negative input.

  1. Do not worry about telling the IRS how to handle their return.

If you are reimbursed, because you are too paid for their taxes want tax return, be active in relation to what you want from the government. If you do nothing, the US Treasure sends you a check, which may take weeks.

  1. They do not pay their taxes properly.

If you have to pay taxes, make sure your payment has been properly credited. Whether electronic or paper, include the 1040-V module with a check. Alternatively, you can pay for free payment sites (EFTPS.gov or DirectPay!) Or credit / debit card payments through an IRS-approved vendor.

  1. They do not testify.

The biggest mistake for everyone is not recording or late recording. Later, application fees increase considerably over time. If you do not expect to submit a deadline for submission in 2016 – April 18, 2017, – the application to extend the application before this date.

Bottom line

Take the time to check and re-check your tax refunds to avoid mistakes. Be sure to keep a copy of your return together with the test of the application (confirms that the IRS has been accepted by the IRS or a certified receipt for returning the card sent by mail). Having this test will protect you from any IRS requirement you submitted late, or not at all. And information on this return will help you prepare your return for the following year! For more information visit: https://www.taxreturn247.com.au/get-started

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