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Top 7 Mistakes on Tax Returns

Errors in tax return require unnecessary money from people. You can skip a higher return than the required one, eliminating value added tax – beyond interest and penalties – or, worse, inviting IRS audits. The best defense against these bad results is a good offense-that is to avoid mistakes on the return.

The most common errors in tax returns

Here are the common mistakes made by taxpayers:

  1. Expand the bases.

Make sure you have chosen the correct deposit status for your situation. For example, if you are not married, you can apply yourself as a bachelor. But you can benefit from more favorable tax rates and other items, if you qualify as head of the family, or widower with dependent son.

And under the right circumstances, couples can pay less than the total of taxes if they are stored separately, not together. Claims all employees (for example, the parent who lives in a nursing home if they meet the requirements, depending). Make sure your name and the name of your employees have been typed correctly and that the social security numbers are correct.

  1. Do not make a profit, as reported by them (and the IRS).

Wages, dividends, bank interests, income from the sale of goods and other proceeds received (and which were specified in the tax return of information, such as W-2, 1099, K-1, etc.) If you do not agree with the fact that it was reported to you, contact the paying company (for example, your employer), and ask them to correct (see paragraph 10 of the things you need to know about 1099).

  1. Enter the items on the wrong line.

Be careful that your records are displayed where they feel. For example, do not put your free tipping IRA on the line for IRI distributions.

  1. They automatically require a standard deduction.

Although billing requires greater effort – and receipts and other evidence – rather than relying on standard deduction, you can get out of the money by automatically taking the standard deduction. Check which alternative gives you the greatest radiation.

  1. Do not take the radiation you are entitled to.

Some fear that some tax return will be a red check flag and suspect. For example, they still believe that the obligation to deduct a home can cause a tax audit, but it is probably not true, as the IRS has created a simplified alternative deduction for the cancellation of actual costs. See more.

  1. Do not check input errors?

It is easy to translate numbers or decrease the number, which … Read the rest...

5 Hidden Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund

While People in America may disagree about how their taxes are put in, at taxes time, almost all of us want for ways to pay only we owe, or even improve our tax refunds. These five strategies exceed the obvious to offer tried-and-true ways to reduce your tax liability.

Rethink Filing Position to Boost Your Refund

One of the first decisions you make when completing your tax return, your filing position, make a difference your refund’s size, particularly if you are married. Some married couples record jointly–approximately 96 percent do each year–a joint come back is not always the very best way to boost your tax refunds.

The IRS runs on the percentage of tweaked gross income–AGI–to determine whether some deductions can be used such as medical and certain miscellaneous expenses. Filing separately gives each spouse a lower AGI.

Alternatively, a partner who spends much time on the highway and in mid-air may have travel expenses such as baggage fees that merit different filing.

Duty reductions from saying dependents can slice an individual parent’s government tax bill when he or she files as head of household.

Single taxpayers who care for a parent may also qualify for a lot more advantageous head-of-household position if they paid more than half of the expense of keeping that parent’s house for your year.

Don’t Shy Away From Tax Deductions

Keeping a trip log for your volunteer work, job-hunting and doctor’s sessions may seem just like a misuse of time, but those kilometers add up and stand for deductions.

  • Moving for a new job 50 kilometers or more away can enhance your taxes refund because you can deduct moving, storage area and travel bills related to your relocation.
  • Charitable deductions can help your refund cause, too.

Maximize your IRA contributions

You could have until Apr 15th to open a traditional IRA for the previous tax year. That gives you the flexibility of declaring the credit on your come back, filing early on and making use of your refund to open the bill. Traditional IRA efforts lessen your taxable income. You may take advantage of the total contribution and, if you are at least 50 years old, the catch-up provision, to add to your IRA.

Timing can boost your tax refunds

Taxpayers who watch the calendar improve their chances of getting a larger refund. When you can, pay January’s mortgage repayment before December 31st and have the added interest for your mortgage interest deduction.

Agenda health-related treatments and exams within the last quarter of … Read the rest...

7 common tax return blunders to avoid 

Filing a tax return can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you have more than just the basic w-2s to submit. Being aware of some of the most coming errors tax payers make on their tax returns can help you possibly avoid additional fines or penalties when filing!

  1. Not reporting all of your income – Everyone is aware they need to file their w-2, but did you know that you need to also report all freelancing income? If you work for or own your own  photography business (for example), you need to make sure to file any income earned on IRS     Schedule C on your standard 1040 tax form. You may receive a Form 1099 for this work. Hang onto it!
  2. Not taking full advantage of IRA contribution limits – Although the majority of tax benefits reset at the beginning of the year, your IRA contributions count through April 15th! Most traditional IRA (or Individual Retirement Account) are tax-deductible up to $5,500 (up to $6,500 if you’re over age 50). This goes the same for a Roth IRA provided your income is below $114,000 yearly (or $181,000 for joint tax payers).
  3. Not double checking your bank account and routing numbers before submitting – No matter whether you are owed a refund or you owe the government, check and then double check that your bank account and routing numbers are right before submitting! Worst case scenario is that you could lose your refund or accrue significant penalties for lost payment, if you owe.
  4. Entering your social security number wrong or using unofficial names/nicknames –  This is one of the most common reasons for a rejected tax return! The IRS verifies everyone’s social security numbers before accepting a tax return. The same goes with names – you must use your legal name and not a nickname when filing.
  5. Paying too much to file your taxes – Taxes shouldn’t cost an arm and leg, especially if you don’t have anything complicated. There is even free software out there if you look hard enough. Take your time and shop around.
  6. Not e-filing – E-filing (or electronic filing) is the quickest way to file! The IRS also processes refunds much quicker when they are electronically filed. You also are able to get text and email notifications that will keep you in the loop of where your tax refund is in being processed.
  7. Procrastinating – Errors are most commonly made by people rushing to the filing deadline. Start early, plan ahead and save yourself the hassle
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