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Getting Some Me Time Before Tax Time

Tax Time

Before tax time hits, take off your accounting cap for a few days. Soon summer will be gone and the hustle and bustle of the holidays taking up most of your schedule. Before you know it, tax season is here. Make the most of your free time before the pressures of tax time get you stressed. Enjoy the outdoors with a me time break.

How to Prepare for Outdoor Adventures

When planning an outdoor excursion, be well- prepared. You will need to dress the part. Leave the suit and tie in the closet and try out something more casual. At Orvis you can find specialty clothing for the outdoors, and the savings will make any CPA smile.  Men can find jackets and vests that are perfect for cool weather trips like camping or fishing. Look for well-made, comfortable outerwear that is also waterproof and warm. For women, summer suedes are all the fashion rage. Perfect for hiking mountain trails or walks in the park, smart shoppers can find their style for a lot less than other stores.

For Fly Fishing Fanciers

If you’re dreaming of fly fishing in some remote, pristine location, take a few moments away from your spreadsheets and stock up with essential gear for your trip.  Don’t be caught on your excursion without the proper fishing equipment.  Check in at Orvis for durable waders specifically designed for fly fishing fans. Both men and women will find wading boots, vests, and even rods and reels that fit their style.

Reconnecting with Your Best Friend

Time away from the office may also be well spent with your dog. Nothing helps build the bond between an owner and his pet like a few days in the outdoors. However, it is not uncommon to be thoroughly organized when packing for yourself, yet forget to pack essentials that every dog needs away from home.  Be sure to take the proper dog identification in the event your dog gets lost. Also pack an ample supply of snacks and meals, any medications your dog is taking and their favorite food dish. If spending several days outdoors, be sure to pack enough water to keep your best friend hydrated. For more tips on what your dog may need away from home, use this Top Ten Checklist to make sure you have everything ready to go.

For the Hunting Enthusiast

Preparing for a hunting trip with your friends is exciting. With all the anticipation however, you can easily forget essentials to make the trip rewarding. Be sure to make your hunting list and check it twice before heading out on the road.  Hunting vests for safety, especially with other hunters in the field, is mandatory. Also, pack gear like vision and hearing protection, binoculars, hunting knives and other tools that may come in handy. Depending on the region, you may also want to pack some cool weather clothing. Take sweaters and long-sleeved shirts for parts of the country where days are warm, but nights are frosty.

Ready to take it outside? Before you turn off your office computer and start packing for your outdoor trip, check out all the coupon savings at Orvis.



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